Laraaji :: Transmissions

“Transmissions is a lovely name; I think that’s a very crucial name for this age.” So says mystic musician Laraaji, our guest this week on the show. Sitting down with host Jason P. Woodbury, His Orangeness (AKA Edward Larry Gordon) discusses his new collaboration with NOUS and Arji OceAnanda, Circle of Celebration, plus his upbringing in the Baptist church, initial entry into meditation, the spiritual qualities of laughter, and much more.

Introduced to the world by Brian Eno, who heard him playing electric zither and subsequently produced Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, Laraaji has created music constantly since, teaming up fellow artists like Carlos Niño, Bill Laswell, Blues Control, Shahzad Ismaily, and many more. “Metaphysical thought [has] influenced my music in that it prepared me for having an inner hearing experience, a paranormal hearing experience,” he says. Join us today on Transmissions to explore his sound visions even deeper.

Transmissions :: Laraaji

Episode playlist: NOUS with Laraaji & Arji OceAnanda, “Ceremonial” ++ Laraaji, “Is This Clear 1”

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Transmissions is written, produced, and hosted by Jason P. Woodbury. Audio editing by Andrew Horton. Sarah Goldstein drafted art for this week’s show. Justin Gage is our top of the show announcer and executive producer. Next week on the show: exotica whistler Molly Lewis. Transmission concluded.

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