Laraaji :: Segue To Infinity

As the story goes, Laraaji was busking in NYC’s Washington Square Park, improvising on his self-designed amplified zither with his eyes closed. When he finished and looked into his open instrument case, there was a note from one Brian Eno offering to produce a record, ultimately resulting in 1980’s Ambient 3: Days of Radiance. While that album remains a touchstone, the closest we’ll get to knowing what Eno heard in the park that day is Segue to Infinity— a trove of Laraaji’s earliest recordings, revealing a fully realized musical universe in which the progenitor of ambient/new age was already perfectly and serenely at home.

Laraaji :: Transmissions

“Transmissions is a lovely name; I think that’s a very crucial name for this age.” So says mystic musician Laraaji, our guest this week on the show. His Orangeness (AKA Edward Larry Gordon) joins us to discuss his upbringing in the Baptist church, initial entry into meditation, the spiritual qualities of laughter, and much more.