Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 14

Welcome back to Pretty Good Stuff: Dylan historian James Adams’ semi-regular hour-long program diving deep into the depths of all things Dwarf Music.

Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff (Valentine’s Day) | Ep. 14

00:00 DJ talk over What Can I Do For You? (1980-01-15; Seattle, WA)
01:52 Lay Lady Lay (1974-02-14 Late Show; Los Angeles, CA)
06:24 She Belongs To Me (1974-02-14 Late Show; Los Angeles, CA)
09:57 DJ talk over Tomorrow Night (1994-02-14; Kokura, Japan)
11:35 God Knows (1994-02-14; Kokura, Japan)
18:28 Shelter From the Storm (1994-02-14; Kokura, Japan)
25:27 DJ talk over If Not For You (1997-02-14; Fukuoka, Japan)
27:21 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (1997-02-14; Fukuoka, Japan)
36:11 Shooting Star (1997-02-14; Fukuoka, Japan)
42:52 DJ talk over Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (1998-02-14; Cleveland, OH
44:09 ‘Til I Fell In Love With You (1998-02-14; Cleveland, OH)
50:18 Queen Jane Approximately (1998-02-14; Cleveland, OH)
58:10 DJ talk over Not Fade Away (1999-02-14; South Bend, IN)
59:40 Make You Feel My Love (1999-02-14; South Bend, IN)
1:03:30 Out

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