Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 15 – Live Time Out Of Mind

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Dylan’s Time Out of Mind turns 25 this year. Produced by Daniel Lanois, the album won three Grammy Awards and provided a new batch of songs—meditations on love and loss—that Dylan almost immediately began to work into his Neverending Tour setlists. This episode of Pretty Good Stuff explores those live versions of the songs from Time Out of Mind, with performances stretching from a week after the album’s release to the edge of the pandemic, when Dylan temporarily paused his relentless touring schedule. Rediscover how Dylan turned the studio masterpiece into a killer batch of road-tested Pretty Good Stuff.

Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 15 – Live Time Out of Mind

00:00 Love Sick (1997-10-01; Bournemouth, England)
05:25 DJ talk over Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (1997-10-01; Bournemouth, England)
09:20 Standing in The Doorway (2017-04-01; Stockholm, Sweden)
15:02 Million Miles (1998-02-22; Fairfax, VA)
20:53 Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (2010-03-28; Tokyo, Japan)
27:26 DJ talk over Nettie Moore (2010-03-28; Tokyo, Japan)
29:22 ‘Till I Fell in Love with You (1997-12-16; Los Angeles, CA)
35:48 Not Dark Yet (2019-11-02; Muncie, IN)
40:02 Cold Irons Bound (2006-05-07; Savannah, GA)
46:23 DJ talk over Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (2006-05-07; Savannah, GA)
47:58 Make You Feel My Love (2000-10-03; Paris France)
52:16 Can’t Wait (1997-10-24; Starkville, MS)
58:58 DJ talk over You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (1997-10-24; Starkville, MS)
1:03:33 Highlands (2000-09-17; Glasgow, Scotland)
1:13:40 Out

Scuttlebutt says the next release in Dylan’s official Bootleg Series will celebrate Time Out of Mind

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