Misha Panfilov :: The Sea Will Outlive Us All

Misha Panfilov has been brewing a singular blend of psychedelic jazz, electronic lounge, and ambient exotica for the better part of a decade now, the results growing only more potent and intoxicating with each council. On his latest solo venture, The Sea Will Outlive Us All, he greets us at an “Albatross”-on-repeat level of bliss and ascends toward a mystical summit of sound.

Panfilov plays these nine tone poems almost entirely himself, aided only by Madis Katkosilt on drums, and Leonid Galaganov on some additional percussion. Otherwise, he’s a solo sound sorcerer of synths, steel guitar, mellotron, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, wurlitzer, fender bass, drum machine, and “nostalgia effects.” | c depasquale

Elsewhere: Panfilov live with his septet last month in Tallinn, Estonia. The element here is earth: the combo of keys, wind instruments, percussion, slide guitar, and bass sweating out six-and-a-half minutes of slow-burning, spiritual jazz. Flute, cymbals, shakers, and the hollers of a child in the audience swirl into one, hallucinatory sounds rising like vapor before dashing into the sizzling ether.

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