No Way Out: Loveletter to Complicated Dreams

This week, we hear about the origins of Sunburned Hand of the Man.

No Way Out: Loveletter to Complicated Dreams

Here’s an amazing and extremely early glimpse of Sunburned playing live in late 1997. You can see many of the musicians described in this episode! You can check out Shit Spangled Banner’s Ass Run release here, and this is the Discogs entry for the “other” version. Click through the images to see the accompanying note from Byron Coley. Also, here’s Byron’s piece remembering Marc Orleans published in The Wire. And this is an album by Marc Orleans’s band Juneau. We were wondering if Lothlorien – the Tolkein-themed space in southern Indiana was real. Here’s a fascinating article about it. 

Check out Sunburned Hand of the Man’s Instagram profile for more pictures related to this episode!

Sunburned’s Bandcamp 

Sunburned’s Website

Songs heard in this episode:

Loveletter to Complicated Dreams – Mind of a Brother (excerpts heard throughout the episode)

Birth of Dearth – Mind of a Brother

Shit Spangled Banner – Smallplant Fields – No Dolby/No DBX

SSB – Heaven Often Manifests as Silence

The If With the Golden Qualm – Mind of a Brother

The Brother of All Shakes – Mind of a Brother

Or: Check out this Spotify playlist with all the songs heard in this and previous week’s episodes!

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