Sunburned Hand Of The Man :: Headdress (20th Anniversary Remaster)

The brilliantly colored and exquisitely crocheted hand talisman on the cover of Headdress beckons you in. The fingertips of the sunburned hand touch the waning crescent moon. It is a good reminder that Sunburned Hand of the Man knew how to sling that cosmic slop. Of all the free rock bands that emerged around the turn of the millennium, Sunburned were definitely the loosest and funkiest.

Sunburned Hand of the Man :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Sunburned’s latest record, the exhilarating Pick a Day to Die, comes out in early March on the Three Lobed Label. It’s the quintessential pandemic project, pieced together out of what’s at hand in a long, solitary lockdown. We talked to one of the founders, John Moloney, about his long-running band, their influences, their process, this current album and how and when music can get back to normal.