No Way Out: An Oral History of Sunburned Hand of the Man: Loft at Sea

This week, we finish the band’s chronological story then pivot to take in Sunburned’s many artistic collaborators. We hear about the personal impact of the band’s non-stop touring and the eventual burnout that ground things to a halt. Moloney and Thomas then describe how this was followed by several “wilderness years” where the band was just there but they weren’t really doing anything with it. Overlapping with this period there was a migration from Boston out to western Massachusetts. This brings us up to the modern era and ends the chronological review of the band’s history. In the second half of this episode, we explore some of the band’s many artistic collaborators, including NNCK, Ira Cohen, Circle, and Four Tet. Finally, we hear about the visual arts aspects of the band – both cover artists and a bit about the individual practice of Phil Franklin. If you want to see some of the cover art discussed in this episode, check out the songs linked below. Several of the songs used in this episode came from these same albums.

No Way Out: An Oral History of Sunburned Hand of the Man: Loft at Sea

More live Sunburned: 

Heavy “performance” set – France 2007 (part 2)

Recent show in Amsterdam

Live in Austin TX (maybe at SXSW)

Philly show during tour with Fourtet

Sunburned with Ira Cohen – 2006

Playing live in late 2022

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Sunburned’s Bandcamp 

Sunburned’s Website

Songs heard in this episode:

Loft at Sea – A

Smokescreen – Weekend at Burnie’s

The Parakeet Beat – Fire Escape

Clowns in Jail – Clowns in Jail

Three Lobed Festival 2022 (excerpt) – Archive Dive

Variksenpelatin – Sunburned Circle

Untitled 2 – The Tingle of Casual Danger

Defacing the Facts – Complexion

Gather ‘Round – No Magic Man


Check out this Spotify playlist with all the songs heard in this and previous week’s episodes!

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