No Way Out: An Oral History of Sunburned Hand of the Man: Tent City Roller

Tour stories – 100% No Way Out!

At this point in our story, Sunburned Hand of the Man morphs into a many-headed hydra with varying manifestations in the loft and on each tour. To get through this vague period of 5-8 years, we focus on the band’s tour stories. We learn how a years-long period of heavy touring was kicked off with a family-band excursion to play a wedding in Alaska. After a conjunction of high-profile press coverage, Sunburned suddenly found themselves in high demand on the international festival circuit. So we focus on stories of their extended tour of Europe and the UK in 2003. Our story gets blurry after that first European tour, so we step back and focus first on stories of Sunburned’s many North American tours – including the 2004 cross-country trek out to Arthur Fest and back where they picked up the “no way out” rallying cry. Finally, we hear a conglomeration of stories from the band’s later European tours.

No Way Out: An Oral History of Sunburned Hand of the Man: Tent City Roller

So many links to share for this episode! We’ll start with the New Weird America cover story on The Wire. Here’s the Pitchfork reviews for the Trickle Down Theory of Lord Knows What and some Arthur Magazine pieces about Sunburned. This is a digital brochure and schedule of the 2003 Kill Your Timid Notion Festival. Check out this wild poster and these photos from Arthurfest. This was an announcement for a No Way Out tour posted by Arthur Magazine (which is different from the tour out to Arthurfest, where the band picked up the No Way Out motto).

Some video evidence of Sunburned playing live:

Sunburned live in Newcastle – 2006 (shot by van driver Gozzy) (and another set in Cambridge)

No Way Out tour (to Arthurfest) – Live in Missoula, MT – 2005

An ecstatic moment from Sunburned’s Arthurfest set

Live in Lisbon – 2006

Playlist for live Paris set – 2006 (this might be where Rob got hit by a kumquat)

Check out Sunburned Hand of the Man’s Instagram profile for more pictures related to this episode!

Sunburned’s Bandcamp 

Sunburned’s Website

Songs heard in this episode:

Tent City Roller – Wedlock

Salmon Sez – Wedlock

Blow the Whistle – Earth Do Eagles Do

Rivershine – Trickle Down Theory of Lord Knows What

Fly Me Home – A Taste of Never (from the VPRO show in Amsterdam)

Vaguely Aware – London Zero (from their O2 Arena show opening for Fourtet/Burial)


Check out this Spotify playlist with all the songs heard in this and previous week’s episodes!

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