No Way Out :: Leaving the Nest

In this week’s episode, we hear stories of Sunburned Hand of the Man’s earliest jamming and meet more members of the band. We learn that, after jamming namelessly for a year and a half, the band finally started using the Sunburned moniker. Then we tune in to learn about their earliest excursions playing outside the Charlestown loft, including their first show as Sunburned as part of an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. We hear how the interplay between these new locations and contexts provoked new modes of performance and artistic connections. They describe how an invitation to join a tour opening for No-Neck Blues Band (who were opening for John Fahey) prompted them to assemble their first CD, Mind of a Brother. After this tour story, we meet the rest of the band members interviewed for this podcast. Finally, we examine the chain of events that ultimately catapulted the band onto the international stage.

No Way Out: Leaving the Nest

This is Julian Cope’s Album of the Month write up of Sunburned Hand of the Man. You can read the full liner notes that Rob Thomas wrote for the Mind of a Brother reissue. If you want to know more about The No-Neck Blues Band, then check out the (More) Letters from the Earth feature on Aquarium Drunkard. Here’s the band playing a set at P.A.’s Lounge. Check out Sunburned Hand of the Man’s Instagram profile for more pictures related to this episode! Check out Sunburned’s Bandcamp and website.

Songs heard in this episode:

Jaybird – Jaybird

Franklin’s Mint – Show Me the Way – Tir Na Nog

Too High To Fly No More – Jaybird

Buried Pleasure – Rare Wood

Wild Animal 3 – Wild Animal

Check out this Spotify playlist with all the songs heard in this and previous week’s episodes! You can email or go here for Kelly. Allison Hussey is here and on Twitter. Visit the Talkhouse Podcast Network for more listening.

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