Fabiano Do Nascimento :: Mundo Solo

Fabiano do Nascimento seems weary of the “Brazilian music” label, at least when it ties him to particular artistic expectations. He prefers to aim for an impossible universality than to ever be pigeonholed to an ideal of national sound. His new solo material, out via Brazilian music aficionados Far Out, complicates this ambivalence. Nascimento came of age in LA and seems heavily influenced by the ambient jazz scene that recently fermented around artists like Carlos Niño, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Sam Gendel, the latter of which he will be releasing an album with next year. Yet Mundo Solo also sounds like an electronic expansion of the Brazilian baroque of Clube da Esquina, and is very much an exploration of the string instruments most characteristic of Brazilian choro, the 19th century predecessor to samba. The single-take approach to the recordings highlights Nascimento’s virtuoso playing, reminiscent of the best Pat Metheny, while the production layers conjure oozy, glistening textures that bind the transcendental folk innuendos of the guitars to mind-bending, synthetic ornaments. | r moraes

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