Mitchell Froom :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

But Froom is also a musician in his own right, and earlier this year he released an album and an EP, both projects designed to help revisit and develop his sense of the studio. The Monkeytree EP features a handful of compositions put together with David Boucher, and the Ether full-length took Froom on a working tour of his synthesizers, exploring a past sense of the future. “There’s a layer of plastic over it,” Froom says, describing the alternate-timeline vision of what lay ahead […]

The Beach Boys :: 20/20 Sessions

In the final weeks of 2018, Beach Boys fans were treated to something unexpected: a rare copyright term limit, digital-only, release of three collections from their vaults. The emancipated material includes the Friends Sessions, the live performances that document Beach Boys On Tour. and I Can Hear Music: The 20/20 Sessions.

While all possess their individual highlights, it’s this final volume that particularly stands out. […]