Elevated Rail 5: 2016 Was A Million Years Ago (Pt. 3)

Mary Lattimore uses her harp to bend space/time in a rock club, easing into a Highly Rare (terrible pun definitely intended) unedited excerpt of the set that spawned Makaya McCraven’s 2017 record of the same name. Marc Ford leads the Neptune Blues Club through a Neil classic, ripping as only he can and dropping us off at Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang’s annual Winter Solstice celebration.

Elevated Rail 4: 2016 Was A Million Years Ago (Pt. 2)

Picking up a few weeks after where Part 1 left off, this second ‘2016 Was A Million Years Ago’ mix offers a retrospective glimpse at what used to be a pretty typical late summer zone in Chicago. A time when indoor shows of all sizes, outdoor festivals / street fests, and larger city-sponsored events all coexisted in a glorious blur of sound and humidity.

Elevated Rail 2: The End of Radio

Remember livemusic? Yeah, me too. I managed to catch quite a bit of it back in the Before Times, though, so I’ll at least have my ‘tapes’ to tide me over while we collectively tread water. For this edition of Elevated Rail, we have a highlight reel (loosely in chronological order) of some of the best ChicagoMusics I saw in 2020 before the world imploded.