Garcia Peoples :: Dodging Dues

A muscular guitar record that never succumbs to cliches, sometimes wiry and sharp-edged like Adventure-era Television, sometimes loose and groovy like early 70s Dead. The multi-generational aspect of Garcia Peoples is another boon; not only do they count the mighty PG Six (Tower Recordings, Wet Tuna) in their ranks, for Dodging Dues they’ve brought in the ultimate ringer Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Endless Boogie, Superwolves) to produce and add his expert six-string skills.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Garcia Peoples (Second Session)

Garcia Peoples have been on the move. Since we last rendezvoused with the band they have expanded to a sextet performing live feats that are leaving audiences in puddles of their own diethylamide daydreams. If that wasn’t enough they still found time to cut a new album, Dodging Dues, with Mr. Auxiliary himself – Matt Sweeney – resulting in a tighter and more concise record that still goes hard on the choogle. For their second Lagniappe Session the group tackles a trio of artists whose influences orbit this new album and beyond.

Garcia Peoples :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

New Jersey’s own Garcia Peoples open Nightcap at Wits’ End with an arch, vaguely evil-sounding riff that signals what’s to come: a set of songs that would feel equally at home soundtracking a backyard hang, a rousing game of D&D, or a solitary night at home considering the universe. Founding members Danny Arakaki and Tom Malach join us to discuss the band’s progward drift and open source creative flow.

The Lagniappe Sessions: Garcia Peoples

Riding the technicolor trails of last year’s debut Cosmic Cash, Peoples have recently returned with Natural Facts, which rips and roars. For their first-ever Lagniappe Session, Garcia Peoples tackle classics by Pearls Before Swine and Bob Dylan, channeling the latter’s wild collaborations with the late Mick Ronson.