Real Estate :: Daniel

It’s an ironclad law at this point, a logical theorem: every Real Estate record is good, and every Real Estate sounds like Real Estate, because Real Estate is good. But Daniel, their latest, is a wonder in more ways than one.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Real Estate

Five songs chosen by four different members that pull from the likes of British rock, American honky-tonk, and obscure instrumental B-sides – all wrapped in the group’s signature warmth. An (unofficial) EP of covers, if you will.

Parsley Sound | John Cale | My Bloody Valentine | Roger Miller | Jawbone

Martin Courtney of Real Estate :: Transmissions

Our guest this week on Transmissions is Martin Courtney of Real Estate. On March 26th, the long-running New Jersey group releases a new EP, Half a Human, which embraces the jammier side of the band and continues the stylistic explorations of 2020’s The Main Thing. We discussed record stores, adjusting to life without live music, Twin Peaks, and Courtney’s 2015 solo album Many Moons—and its forthcoming follow up.

Dawn Patrol :: Alex Bleeker

With a coastline of 840 some odd miles in California, it should come as no surprise that many of the artists we revere at Aquarium Drunkard seek refuge and inspiration in the Pacific blue with a surfboard underfoot. As the resident surfer amongst the AD ranks, and in the spirit of deeper discovery and appreciation, Tyler Hale will be paddling out in 2020 via a new column devoted to the surf: we’re calling it Dawn Patrol. This month – Alex Bleeker.