Soft Machine :: Live At Jazz Bilzen

Dig into this priceless footage of Soft Machine performing an early take of Robert Wyatt’s magnum opus, “Moon in June”. With bassist Hugh Hopper rounding out the trio (following the departure of Kevin Ayers), this Wyatt/Ratledge/Hopper line-up is the force behind Volume Two and “Moon in June” landing spot, Third, in which the band plunged further into merging obtuse psychedelia with their singular brew of jazz fusion. Joined by the likes of the Ornette Coleman Quartet, Shocking Blue and Keith Jarrett, Jazz Bilzen might have been the perfect setting for the peak of this seminal trio.

The Free Will and Testament of Robert Wyatt

With a new book, reissue campaign, and new collaboration with Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl, it’s officially Robert Wyatt Season. Welcome to The Free Will and Testament of Robert Wyatt, a playlist featuring favorites and deep cuts selected by Aquarium Drunkard founder Justin Gage. An introduction to the strange but wonderful world of Robert Wyatt.

Robert Wyatt :: Rivmic Melodies

“The missing links in my life’s work, no less!” – Robert Wyatt

How’s that for an endorsement? Though two of the tracks were later re-recorded by the group (appearing on Soft Machine’s second and third albums), Wyatt’s original renderings provide much more than a cursory, academic glimpse into the nascent material. Loose, intimate and inspired, these nearly forgotten demos document the young artist’s muse in motion during an ascendant period of Soft Machine’s creative trajectory.