Yura Yura Teikoku :: Hollow Me

Prior to founding Zelone Records and becoming the emperor of mellow groove, Shintaro Sakamoto fronted Yura Yura Teikoku. A scrappy psych trio with humble origins in the Tokyo’s DIY underground, the band cut a unique trail guided by an eclecticism that pushed their sound ever further to new heights. Over two decades, 10 studio albums, a live record, and a slew of EP’s, the band eventually saw crossover success in Japan, signing to a major label and garnering a cult following abroad. However, as everything seemed to fall in place for in place for Yura Yura Teikoku, the band dissolved amicably in 2010, a decision rendering 2007’s masterful Hollow Me their de-facto swan song.

Shintaro Sakamoto :: Like A Fable

Fall once again, dear friends, into the warm waters of Shintaro Sakamoto’s musical universe. Ever the maestro of mellow groove, Like A Fable is Sakamoto’s first album in six years, the fourth in a string of idiosyncratic solo albums that include Love If Possible, Let’s Dance Raw, and How To Live With a Phantom, each propagating their own infectious mixture of sly funk, exotica, disco, and deft songcraft.

Shintaro Sakamoto :: A Dream In Bangkok

A simpatico pairing, Sakamoto and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC work well together, with Shintaro’s almost tropical guitar overlaying samples from Thai artists like Dao Bandon and Phairin Phonphibun. Fuko Nakamura’s strong vocal performance adds an enchanting, otherworldly layer to an already textured experience, promising that soon the dream will end, but for right now it remains.

Yura Yura Teikoku :: Robot Deshita

Prior to disbanding in 2010, Tokyo’s Yura Yura Teikoku banged out 10 studio albums, a handful of EPs and a live record. Over the course of their 21 years as a working band, the trio’s sound morphed considerably, stretching from their inception as a garage rock outfit to the lush, considered arrangements of their final LP, Hollow Me — an album that would anticipate the direction vocalist Shintaro Sakamoto would soon explore via a solo career.

Shintaro Sakamoto :: Boat

Japanese singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shintaro Sakamoto continues to mold his muse, via the release of the “Boat” 7″. Even better news? Sakamoto is slated to hit the US next month with a handful of live dates on both coasts. A rare stateside treat …