Sonny Sharrock’s Ghost Planet

Several years following the masterful swan song Ask The Ages, the final recorded project of avant-jazz pioneer Sonny Sharrock is a powerful, curious oddity. The otherworldly, zig-zagging riff of Sharrock’s signature wailing guitar provided the iconic theme song for 1994’s animated hybrid experiment Space Ghost Coast To Coast. Distributed as a limited promotional item, Sharrock’s full blistering soundtrack clocks in at a mere fifteen minutes. Expect free-form guitar jams that pull no punches.

Sonny Sharrock, Steve Marcus, Miroslav Vitous, Daniel Humair :: Green Line

Though only ever released in Japan and in sore need of reissue (affordability not being among the virtues of an original copy), Green Line sits easily alongside the most progressive jazz albums of the early 70s, many of which featured the work of the quartet’s alumni—namely Sharrock’s uncredited appearance on ‘Yesternow’ for Miles Davis’ A Tribute to Jack Johnson, Vitous’ early fusion-defining tenure with Weather Report, and Marcus’ collaboration with Japanese jazz-rock outfit Jiro Inagaki and Soul Media.