The Pink Mountaintops

You may have heard some of The Pink Mountaintops on the Drunkard radio to the right, but I thought you would appreciate their bio on Better Propanganda. Sounds like a twisted good time. “The Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean, formerly of Jerk With A Bomb and now also exemplar member of Black Mountain. The debut record — conceived at dawn, while high on a mix of trucker speed and Red Bull, and while sailing down a Colorado highway on route to Denver as the last decent Floyd record played on the cassette deck — was written and recorded in a month with friends Amber Webber, Joshua Wells, and Christoph Hofmeister. The fore-mentioned country drone stoned drug rock band Black Mountain lent limbs, lungs, and amplifiers to the festivities.” DOWNLOAD:MP3: The Pink Mountaintops – Rock & Roll Fantasy MP3: […]


If you haven’t heard, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is back with a new album …and an entirely different sound. No longer aping The Jesus & Mary Chain, this album is a mostly acoustic affair with tinges of […]