Our Boy Roy :: A Garage Rock Tribute To Roy Orbison

What I find really appealing, not to mention refreshing, about Our Boy Roy, a garage rock tribute to Roy Orbison, is that it puts the music first. The songs first. It would be very easy (and predictable) to to treat such a project with kid gloves—an all too precious ode to a legend, carefully tip-toeing through the material. Thankfully, there is no chance of that happening here. While I can’t say all of the tracks do it for me, I very much appreciate a new school of artists sticking their collective big toe into the Orbison waters, as he’s truly one of the greatest.

Of the two tracks below: The first, Jacuzzi Boys, are a current favorite—a fairly recent, and welcome, addition to the burgeoning neo-garage rock ‘movement’. The boys do a solid here with Roy’s “You Got it.” The next, and totally unknown to me until this cover, are the Cheater Slicks who tackle “Crying” with the same kind of gusto that Sid Vicious appropriated on his version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” I love the attitude that comes across — totally irreverent in tone, yet completely reverent of the material—i.e., the song.

MP3: The Jacuzzi Boys :: You Got It
MP3: Cheater Slicks :: Crying

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5 thoughts on “Our Boy Roy :: A Garage Rock Tribute To Roy Orbison

  1. Have always been a big fan of Roy. Pure voice, simple lyrics, wonderful music. The Jacuzzi Boys maintain that fun spirit of Roy’s music. Thanks for introducing them to me.

  2. I can’t get the Cheater Boys link to work and can’t tell if the problem is on my end or yours. Just wanted to let you know you might have a problem.

  3. Just started listening to this. really great stuff. really like the demon’s claws and ty segall covers. how could you not know of the cheater slicks until 2010?!

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