AD Presents :: Steve Gunn/Kevin Morby @ Rough Trade 4/25 – Brooklyn, NY


We’re back in NYC. This Friday night, April 25th, Aquarium Drunkard presents Steve Gunn and Kevin Morby at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. Local outfit Prince Rupert’s Drops supports. We have several pairs of tickets for AD readers. To enter, leave a comment with how you first happened upon Gunn and/or Morby’s music. Should be a hell of a show.

Tickets available for purchase, HERE.

4 thoughts on “AD Presents :: Steve Gunn/Kevin Morby @ Rough Trade 4/25 – Brooklyn, NY

  1. I first came to Steve Gunn through Kurt Vile. I am from Philadelphia, and Vile was making the rounds and making news in the city before a lot of the national exposure. Steven Gunn was in his band for awhile, and Kurt would often have him open his shows, and make sure to mention something during his set.

    I’ve seen Steve once in Philadelphia, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it’s damn near a religious experience. Few people today play guitar like Gunn does, with his incredible focus and mesmerizing structures.

    I would love to go to this show!

  2. I was living in New Orleans in 2009 when I first heard the album Sundowner. A friend from school told me about an amazing version of “Over the Hill” which happened to be on the album. I would drive along I-10 back to my hometown of Lake Charles with “No Atlas” on repeat. I now live in Brooklyn and listen to this album with complete nostalgia. To see this live would be a truly amazing experience.

  3. I was exposed to Steve Gunn in your recent Best of 2013 wrap up. I’ve been spinning that record ever since reading about it. Along with Chris Forsyth (whom I heard about from you guys as well), he’s become one of my favorite modern guitar players. I was planning on catching him open up for Lee Ranaldo a month or two ago, but that gig was cancelled. Looking forward to this one!

  4. I follow the music booker of Jimmy Fallon on twitter and one night he went on a spree of recommending great ‘american’ & solo guitar players, one of them being the Gunn Truscinski Duo album. A minute through through the first song on ‘Ocean Parkway’, I was already searching for all the Steve Gunn I could get in my ears.

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