Amen Dunes :: Round the World

Sonically ever-shifting, Amen Dunes’ Damon McMahon remains resolute in his intent. On “Round the World,” the latest taste from his upcoming album, Death Jokes, he dances amidst a world ablaze, making an impassioned plea for us to live free—in the moment, free from the shackles of societal expectations and pervasive self-obsession, and perhaps to even realize freedom in the belief that the end may only just be the beginning.

Amen Dunes :: Feel Nothing (featuring Sleaford Mods)

Last we heard from Amen Dunes, he was chanting Freedom, an oceanic surge of devotional sonic mysticism expanding infinitely around him. Now, on “Feel Nothing”—a new track with Sleaford Mods and the first new music from Dunes’ Damon McMahon in three years—he chants Kingdom. Upon a heavily percussive subterranean dancefloor, the patron saint of the underworld materializes to reclaim his throne and prophesy.

Amen Dunes :: Love

So these are love songs. That’s what Damon McMahon – the factor and force behind Amen Dunes – says, and I think I believe him. It’s an audacious move to name your […]