James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

The excellent All Gist, out this week on Paradise of Bachelors, sees James and Nathan taking their musical partnership back to its roots. It’s an album full of gorgeously interlocking guitars, bewitching melodies and a couple of curveball covers. More than anything, All Gist sounds like a conversation between two old friends — one that we’re all lucky we get to eavesdrop on.

James Elkington :: Me Neither

Me Neither, the new album by James Elkington, has the appearance of library music as it is made up of a series of 29 brief instrumental pieces, the shortest of which is 36 seconds long. Elkington is known for his solo work, being a member of Brokeback, and supporting artists such as Jeff Tweedy and Richard Thompson. The new album is a departure from Elkington’s previous singer-songwriter material as most of the tracks feature a theme played on the acoustic guitar, while others are ambient soundscapes with found sounds such as sirens and avian chirping.