Lou Turner :: Microcosmos

Lou Turner’s 2020 LP Songs For John Venn was a striking and assured debut, full of sage wisdom, lyrics that were both wryly funny and deeply felt, and plaintive melodies that drew from a deep well of country and folk influences. A fantastic first offering! But Microcosmos, Turner’s follow-up, is even better. Building on John Venn’s firm foundation, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter has delivered an album that solidifies her status as a modern master.

Lou Turner :: Songs For John Venn

But however eclectic Songs For John Venn gets, the album is held together firmly by Lou Turner’s singular lyrics and perfectly breezy vocals. She can make even the most tongue-twisted of lines sound as natural as a conversation with friends, blending wry humor with piercing observations, stony wonderings with crystal clear vision. These tunes follow their own weird inner logic but remain altogether accessible for the casual listener — a neat trick, indeed.