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Monday, October 24th, 2016

Several years ago, I discovered that MV & EE held the distinction of being the Most Represented Artist in my record collection, nudging out previous record-holders The Fall. I confess this not to assert my authority when it comes to MV & EE music, but to sympathize with those curious listeners who are perhaps intimidated […]

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

I have already sung the praises of Matt “MV” Valentine elsewhere. For the Google-averse, I can sum it up by saying that MV’s music–both with and without his partner, co-conspirator and constant foil Erika “EE” Elder–has been as crucial a catalyst for my development as a listener as I imagine the Stooges, Big Star, or […]

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Space Homestead finds Matthew Valentine (MV) and Erika Elder (EE) continuing their association with taste-making label Woodsist, and offers a fine summation of the group’s distinct brand of naturalist boogie and rural Beat music. Recorded at various locales over an undetermined amount of time and featuring various co-conspirators including Woods’ Jeremy Earl, Sunburned’s John Maloney, […]