Robert Stillman :: What Does It Mean To Be American?

On his latest album of piano, reeds, and percussion, expat composer Robert Stillman probes the notion of American identity. What Does It Mean To Be American? is Stillman’s eighth studio album, and like the ones that came before it, it’s a beautifully rendered work, laced with pastoral jazz-inspired piano, cooing saxophone and clarinet melodies, and clattering percussion. But it’s threaded through with conflict, too. Aquarium Drunkard contributors Chad DePasquale and Jason P. Woodbury recently huddled together to share their thoughts on the album.

Robert Stillman: Reality

While the one-man-band approach can so often result in antiseptic, too carefully controlled sounds, Robert Stillman’s Reality remains loose, imaginative, and even conversational. Stillman is having a dialogue with himself. It’s a lively one, and you are invited to listen in.