Sarah Louise :: Transmissions

Guitarist, songwriter, and producer Sarah Louise joins us this week on the show to discuss her new album, Earth Bow, an interconnected eco-system of guitar, synth, vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Though Louise is known for her 12-string folks fantasias, her work is wide ranging, evoking the soundscapes of Robert Fripp and the interlocked rhythms of electronic pop. Louise joins us for a return visit to Transmissions to discuss being off the grid, the perils of social media, and her spiritual and creative practice.

Sarah Louise :: Earth Bow

On previous albums, Sarah Louise exposed the arbitrary nature of genre. On her new album Earth Bow, she creates her own. What you hear on the record is an artist riding the currents of a far-reaching and unrestrained creative freedom, alchemically transmuting influence into novel self-expression—exactly what you should expect to hear on great albums.