Unearthed, Vol. 5 :: Hoboken Nights

For fans of adventurous rock and roll in the 1980s, there was no better place to be than Maxwell’s. The Hoboken, NJ club (which closed its doors for good in 2013) consistently hosted the best and brightest artists of the era, often before they graduated to much larger venues. For our latest Unearthed bootleg mix, we’ve gathered together some choice audience tapes recorded at Maxwell’s between 1980 and 1990. There’s visionary jangle, guitar freakouts, breezy balladry and much more. And if this whets your appetite for more, get thee to the McKenzie Tapes site (where several of these performances were sourced), which is bringing NYC-area taper David McKenzie’s valuable vintage recordings to the digital age.

Unearthed, Vol. 3 :: Ultrasonic

Unearthed returns with more bootleg gold from yesteryear. The latest collection gathers together some choice live performances broadcast over the WLIR-FM airwaves from Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead, Long Island. In the early to mid 1970s, the studio hosted intimate concerts by visionary britfolkies, New Orleans night trippers, exploratory jazz-funksters, southern rock chooglers and many more.

Carlo Vinci, Jr. :: Piper Of Dreams

Sometime in January a parcel appeared on our doorstep with Vingaard’s address listed as the sender. Inside was a record, sealed, yet clearly vintage. Which, it turns out, it was. Frederiksberg is bringing Carlo Vinci, Jr.’s 1979 lp, Piper Of Dreams, back into the light digitally, along with having unearthed a stash of deadstock LPs pressed upon its original release.

Ronald Langestraat :: Searching

It’s Friday morning and this shit is funky. Ronald Langestraat: Searching. 27-minute eccentric fusion / funk / lounge jewel. Unearthed and released last November — 34 years after Langestraat cut it to a four-track tape recorder in his living room. […]

Bandcamping :: Winter 2018

Welcome to the fourth installment of our quarterly Bandcamping roundup. As a digital institution it’s hard to beat Bandcamp. It’s ridiculously easy to use, it puts money directly into artists’ (and labels’) pockets and there’s a seemingly endless amount of music to discover there — new, old and in-between. Of course, that endlessness can be a little overwhelming. Here are 10 more recommended releases – old, new and in-between.