Angel Olsen :: Forever Means

A year on from Big Time, Angel Olsen revisits four songs from that startlingly beautiful full-length’s sessions, paring back to classic country essentials in two pristine ballads and rocking out in a pair of full-band recordings.

Angel Olsen :: Big Time

On her stunning new album Big Time, Angel Olsen chronicles a complex couple of years and a resulting sense of rebirth. Filled with country-tinged melodies and sparse arrangements, it features some of the songwriter’s most engaging work.

Angel Olsen :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

“They’re very different songs, even though they’re the same songs.” That’s how Angel Olsen puts it regarding Whole New Mess, an alternate timeline vision of the album that would become 2019’s All Mirrors. But the record isn’t a mere collection of demos. It’s a snapshot of Olsen at one point in a ongoing processing of thoughts and feelings, alive in a single moment.

Really Do The Change :: Angel Olsen on Whole New Mess

Getting a glimpse at an alternate take of a classic album is something we’ve seen more and more in the modern era. But with her new album Whole New Mess, a fraternal twin to 2019’s All Mirror, songwriter Angel Olsen didn’t have to wander too deeply into the vault. But it’s not merely a “demos collection.” It’s something more compelling and stranger, a document that illustrates the way songs change and morph over time in a creator’s hands.