The Lagniappe Sessions :: Cactus Lee (Second Session)

On the heels of his superb new album, Caravan, Cactus Lee’s Kevin Dehan returns for his second Lagniappe Session fresh in the air of a newer, bigger, more boogieing climate. On this outing, Dehan and some sacred personnel lay their slick, soulful style down on renditions of the glossy, top ten pop of mid-80’s Christine McVie, Butthole Surfers’ absurdist punk, and a rootsy glam-jam from the Dead.

Cactus Lee :: Caravan

On Caravan, his sixth album in four years (not accounting for the crackling Live from the Dry Creek Cafe), Cactus Lee’s Kevin Dehan showcases an incredible and exponentially focused growth in songwriting, an ascent as fast as you can hear his band now play. Expanding out from the lo-fi homespun beginnings of his now classic early efforts, Dehan has embraced a bigger and more studio-based sound that, in part, now reflects the live show that has become so integral to the world of Cactus Lee.

Cactus Lee :: Perfect Middle Hall

Cactus Lee, our dear, enchanting nine-to-five troubadour, drops his most recent release, Perfect Middle Hall, on vinyl this week. It’s a perfect format for enjoying this one—a tight, cozy six-song cycle of Kevin Dehan’s woolen, lo-fi folk, which introduces a more full-bodied richness into the sonic palette.

Cactus Lee :: Perfect Middle Hall

Cactus Lee’s Kevin Dehan continues to release music at a relentless pace, with his new lp, Perfect Middle Hall, on the way. He’s released the title track, a piece that finds Dehan at perhaps his most stark and solemn. A picturesque snapshot born into nostalgia and a yearning for something not yet passed. Dehan strives to keep the light aglow, whisking us away to help keep watch for the gale.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Cactus Lee

Cactus Lee’s Kevin Dehan has been keeping busy. Following the release of four long-players in the span of some eighteen months, his honky-tonk horizons are set next on the live set, Live from Dry Creek Café, in tribute to the band’s beloved Austin haunt. Rowdy, and soaked in pedal steel and Lone Stars, it shines selections from the band’s patented Texas Music in perhaps its purest form yet. We recently caught Dehan for a gorgeous full-band set at the Brooklyn-based jukebox joint Skinny Dennis, and it is with those players—Jon Catfish DeLorme on pedal steel, Russell Hymowitz on bass, and Adam Amram on drums—that he laid down his inaugural Lagniappe Session.