The Lagniappe Sessions :: Scott Hirsch

Scott Hirsch dons a number of hats: singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer. Based in Ojai, CA, where he mans Echo Magic studios, the multi-hyphenate artist joins us for his second Lagniappe rodeo following up his 2019 session. While that installment found Hirsch reconfiguring the likes of Dire Straits, Dylan and Commander Cody, the following focuses solely on the sonic wizardry of one space cowboy, Steve Miller.

Scott Hirsch :: Transmissions

This week on Transmissions: Scott Hirsch. Sitting down with host Jason Woodbury, he discusses his new album, Windless Day, the spiritual topography of California and his punk rock immersion alongside MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Scott Hirsch

Cut from the same dank and swampy cloth as JJ Cale and Bobby Charles, Scott Hirsch has paid his dues over the past two decades; both solo and with The Court & Spark / Hiss Golden Messenger. Last year’s Lost Time Behind the Moon found Hirsch mining languid, back porch Americana coupled with humid country-funk. Or: JJ Cale on cough syrup.

This installment of the Lagniappe Sessions finds Hirsch at his Ojai, CA studio, Echo Magic West, laying down three wildly emotional covers by the likes of Dire Straits, Commander Cody and Dylan – all of which will leave you wondering if the term “Slawrock” should be more widely adopted…