Group Listening

Group Listening return with Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 2, set for release at the top of next year. This new collection finds the U.K. duo setting their sights on works from Robbie Basho, Syrinx, popular folk, and, in this first taste, the inimitable Beverly Glenn-Copeland, covering “Sunset Village” from his 1986 masterpiece Keyboard Fantasies.

Arthur Russell :: Roulette, Brooklyn, New York, March 2, 1985

As last year’s astonishing Iowa Dream showed, the posthumous Arthur Russell well is far from dry. The man lived and breathed music for his short time on the planet, and we’re extremely fortunate to be able to explore his beautiful/beguiling imagination. Compared to his studio work, there are relatively few documents of Russell as a live performer — which is why this 35-year-old tape is so precious.

Arthur Russell :: Iowa Dream

Though reason might suggest an eventual end to the steady stream of brilliant work from the Arthur Russell archives, thankfully they haven’t been exhausted just yet. A new release, Iowa Dream shines new light on Russell’s genre-bending beauty.