Jennifer Castle :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Late last month, on the Winter Solstice, Jennifer Castle re-released a live recording from the Music Gallery in Toronto from 2006, the first recorded output of her now treasured career, and a document harkening back to the early days of when she recorded under the name Castlemusic and played with a wild and rambling sense of discovery and abandon, allowing the spirit of her own poetry to lead her fingers on guitar.

We recently caught up with Castle to discuss the re-release, her musical origins, the omnipresence of the personified world in her music, her connection between singing and water, the urge to wander, and where she goes from here.

Jennifer Castle :: Monarch Season

Jennifer Castle’s Monarch Season indeed feels accompanied by the sounds of nature, room tone, and—as is often the case with Castle—the omnipresence of the moon overhead. On Angels of Death, Castle credited it as a member of the band. Here, it exists in many forms: a light, a mystery, and a muse. The moon, for Castle, is a performer and an audience alike.