Lee Hazlewood :: No Regrets

The psychedelic cowboy known as Lee Hazlewood was a force unlike any other: his deep baritone, his effortless cool, his expansive, boundary-pushing production and, perhaps most of all, his immense […]

Aquarium Drunkard :: Mailbag, Vol. IV

Long time reader, first time caller? Welcome to Mailbag, our monthly column in which we dig in and respond to your questions. Got a query? Hit us up at aqdmailbag@gmail.com. In this month’s bag: Steely Dan haters, scratching that Van Morrison itch, music from the Sonoran desert, bandcamp reccs…

Hiroshi Asada :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Hiroshi Asada’s Greetings From Nashville (You Who’s In My Mind) turned 50 this year, the artist’s expressive aural love letter to Country Music and America. Spoken of reverentially by fans and artists from Japan and beyond, the LP was cut in Nashville at the Acuff-Rose studio with a grip of the industry’s most in-demand session players including members of Nashville’s Area Code 615.

Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley Selects 10 Gems From The Band’s Archive

Sonic Youth played its last shows just over a decade ago. But the band’s legacy lives on thanks to an ever-expanding archive available on Bandcamp. Curated by drummer Steve Shelley and longtime sound engineer Aaron Mullan, the archive swells with live tapes stretching back to the mid-1980s, crucial rarities collections, and stray tracks rescued from out-of-print singles, internet mixes, and random comps. Aquarium Drunkard spoke with Steve Shelley to get his thoughts on a few gems that await listeners.