Cold War Kids :: Up In Rags EP

Besides absolutely loving the name of this band, I also have been incessantly listening to their two EPs all weekend. They have been on repeat in my disc changer, and on the iPod in my […]

R.E.M. :: Murmur

Maybe I should move more often, as I keep happening upon albums that while not forgotten, have been severely ignored by yours truly for years. The latest case being R.E.M.’s debut long-player Murmur . I have […]

Pink Mountaintops :: Axis of Evol

Fuzzed out, contemplative Canadian, sex-folk/rock. Is that a genre yet? If so Pink Mountaintops have been owning it, and occupying lot of time on my stereo since the release of their eponymous debut last year. […]

Living With War :: Stream This Record

Neil Young makes his third appearance on An Aquarium Drunkard in a week. If you haven’t heard, Neil’s thrown together a raucous protest album this past month and is not at all mincing words/fucking around […]

Neil Young :: Cocaine Eyes

One of An Aquarium Drunkard’s readers emailed me this track yesterday from Neil’s rare Eldorado ep. Allegedly written about sometime- bandmate Stephen Stills drug problems in the ’80s. Check out Thrasher’s Wheat for extensive details. In other […]

Neil Young :: For The Very First Time

I promise there is no unwritten rule stating Neil Young must grace the virtual pages of An Aquarium Drunkard, at least in some fashion, once a month. Admittingly, it does seem like that sometimes. So […]