Bill MacKay: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

Chicago guitarist Bill MacKay returns with another winningly eclectic solo LP for Drag City. Fountain Fire sneaks up on you; its songs are unassuming at first, with a loose, conversational feel to them. Ahead of the album’s release, MacKay joined Aquarium Drunkard to discuss his shifting approaches, cinematic inspirations, and establishing his own musical language.

Mute Duo :: Lapse In Passage

As Mute Duo, pedal steel guitarist Sam Wagster and percussionist Skyler Rowe drift and rage with unusual grace. Best known for collaborations with Ryley Walker, Bill MacKay, Ben Lamar Gay, and Tim Kinsella, the two players stretch out gloriously on their latest, Lapse in Passage, which twists and churns within the heady post-everything frame work that has flourished in their hometown of Chicago, evoking loose-limbed spiritual jazz, inverted exotica, and ragged improv.

Catching Up With Peter Prescott

Author and artist Dmitry Samarov’s new book, Music To My Eyes, was released last month via the Chicago based Tortoise Books. A 264 page love letter to independent music, Samarov’s words and minimalist illustrations flow in tandem, presenting a portrait of fandom and appreciation, from Nick Cave to Bill MacKay. Below, Samarov catches up with one of the subjects of his new book, Mission of Burma’s Peter Prescott.

Elevated Rail 2: The End of Radio

Remember livemusic? Yeah, me too. I managed to catch quite a bit of it back in the Before Times, though, so I’ll at least have my ‘tapes’ to tide me over while we collectively tread water. For this edition of Elevated Rail, we have a highlight reel (loosely in chronological order) of some of the best ChicagoMusics I saw in 2020 before the world imploded.


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