Bandcamping :: Spring 2024

There’s another Bandcamp Friday on the horizon (April 5, to be exact) — so if you’re in need of some recommendations, we’ve got ‘em. Dig into fresh sounds and put some well-deserved cash in the pocket of these artists and labels.

Bandcamping :: Winter 2024

New tunes for a new year! While the status / coolness of Bandcamp as a corporate entity is in flux, the platform itself remains in fine form for the time being — even Bandcamp Fridays seem to be rolling forward in 2024 (the next one hits on Feb. 2). Wherever you get your music and however you choose to support artists, dig in here for some recent / recommended zones.

Bandcamping :: Fall 2023

There are plenty of bigger things to be depressed about these days, but for a certain stripe of music fan, the recent Bandcamp news was a particular bummer. If you haven’t heard, the platform was sold to Songtradr, a B2B music licensing service, who promptly laid off a healthy chunk of the workforce. While the ultimate fate of Bandcamp remains unclear, the future looks bleak.

What’s next? We’re not sure. But for the moment, we’ll continue sharing music via our Bandcamping column — especially as Bandcamp Fridays stay in place, offering artists a more-than-decent lifeline.

Bandcamping :: Midsummer 2023

You’ve probably seen the headlines — this summer is the hottest summer … ever. As we all wilt beneath 2023’s scorching heat, music is a good way to chill out, figuratively if not literally. And with another Bandcamp Friday (Aug. 4) upon us, we’ve got a few recommendations for the dog days.

Bandcamping :: Summer 2023

Summer is rapidly approaching — and if you need some fresh tunes to soundtrack the next few months, we’ve got recommendations, from Ethiopian pop to well-tuned piano minimalism. Be aware: there’s no Bandcamp Friday this month; the next one hits Aug. 4, 2023. But hey, any day can be Bandcamp Friday if you toss a couple extra dollars onto the asking price of any release on the platform.

Bandcamping :: Spring 2023

Just in time for another Bandcamp Friday on April 7, we’ve got another selection of recent/recommended releases for your listening pleasure ranging from Agharta-damaged workouts to homemade minimalism. Fill up your cart and hit that “Buy” button.

Bandcamping :: Winter 2023

First Nation free jazz, drum machine folk, Beefheart-ian scrawls and more. Plenty of killer sounds to get you through the dark days of winter, ranging from vintage Motor City jazz to Iranian tanbur improvs. And don’t forget, the next Bandcamp Friday (during which the platform waives its usual fees) hits on Feb. 3 …

Bandcamping :: Autumn 2022

With a welcome chill in the air and a fresh Bandcamp Friday hitting on November 4, it’s time for one more 2022 edition of AD’s Bandcamping, filled with recent & recommended sounds. Fill up that cart and find some new favorites.

Bandcamping :: Late Summer 2022

Happy Bandcamp Friday! As we roll into summer’s latter days, beat the heat with a refreshing selection of diverse sounds, ranging from mutant post-jazz to guitar reveries, from blown-out drone to slick sophisto-pop. And a reminder—the platform’s waiving its usual fees today, September 2, 2022. Fill up your cart and hit that “Buy Now” button.

Bandcamping :: Summer 2022

Here comes the summer once again and we’ve got a bunch of recommended tunes to help soundtrack the season as temperatures inevitably start to rise. Tune in, spread out — and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Bandcamping :: Spring 2022

News of Bandcamp’s recent acquisition by Epic Games had some independent labels and artists up in arms. But for now, the platform remains the best game in town — and for the time being, Bandcamp Fridays remain firmly in place for 2022. That means you can lend your support directly to those aforementioned labels and artists, with Bandcamp waiving its usual fees. The next Bandcamp Friday takes place April 1 and — big tech takeovers be damned — we’ve got a seasonal roundup of recommended releases. Fill up that cart.

Bandcamping :: Winter 2022

Bandcamp Fridays may be a thing of the past (or maybe not!), but hey, throw a couple extra bucks on top of any asking price and voila — any day is Bandcamp Friday. With things still fairly uncertain for touring musicians in 2022, it can make a difference. As always, we’ve got a whole bunch of recommendations for you. Fill up your cart.

Bandcamping :: Autumn 2021

That’s right — another Bandcamp Friday hits on Nov. 5, 2021. A music lover’s feast, month after month, giving listeners a chance to put cash directly in artists’ and labels’ pockets. Like any good feast, the offerings can be occasionally overwhelming, so we’ve got a few recent recommendations if you’re in need, ranging from psych freakouts to pastoral jazz, from Egypt in the 70s to present-day New Jersey. Listen up, get down.

Bandcamping :: Late Summer 2021

Another Bandcamp Friday hits on September 3, 2021 — which means that the platform is waiving its usual fees for 24 hours and you can put some much-needed cash directly into the pockets of deserving labels and artists. As usual, we’ve got a bunch of highly recommended records in case you need ‘em.

Bandcamping :: Summer 2021

A good thing: in celebration of Juneteenth this year, Bandcamp is donating 100 percent of their fee share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Friday, June 18. So, you’ll get some new music, support artists, and help a great cause. A win-win-win. In need of a few recommendations? Here are a few recent releases that are worth your time and money…