King Hannah :: Big Swimmer

King Hannah juxtaposes the cool, poised narratives of singer Hannah Merrick with the guitar storms of her partner Craig Whittle, a volatile mix that can sound like Dry Cleaning in one track, PJ Harvey the next. The duo, out of Liverpool, have one previous album, an EP and a slew of singles to their credit before Big Swimmer, but this album ups the stakes considerably.

Angel Olsen :: Big Time

On her stunning new album Big Time, Angel Olsen chronicles a complex couple of years and a resulting sense of rebirth. Filled with country-tinged melodies and sparse arrangements, it features some of the songwriter’s most engaging work.

Tonstartssbandht :: Petunia

Orlando brothers Andy and Edwin White—a warm, enveloping duo known as Tonstartssbandht—return with Petunia, their follow-up to 2017’s Sorcerer, a record we dug for its dynamic and invigorated orbit of jammy neo-psych-folk, cloud-bound vocal harmonies, and spacey ambient soundscapes. This new work is a bit more song-oriented than its predecessor—it has four more tracks and one that even clocks in at well under two-minutes—but Tonstartssbandht still take their time letting their dreamy melodies and flowery, psychedelic riffs unfurl.

Luka Kuplowsky & the Stardust Players :: Live at the Golden Lion

Back in January, Luka Kuplowsky assembled an all-star band from the city’s jazz and improvisational community (whose members have performed with U.S. Girls, Martha Wainwright, and Beverly Glenn-Copeland) for a three-song performance embedded inside an atmospheric short film. Collaborating with filmmaker Colin Medley, who also directed Kuplowsky’s video for “Stardust (Reprise)”, the 12-minute mood piece captured live at The Golden Lion dining club is inspired by the minimalist movies of Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki.

Please :: Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars, the second salvaged Please album, is the real gem of the two—a surprise stunner of organ-driven, hyper-melodic psych-pop that would feel right at home on Jagjaguwar or Sacred Bones today.