It’s Only Life, That’s All (A Nap Eyes Mixtape)

With his “It’s Only Life, That’s All” playlist, Nap Eyes guitarist Brad Loughead created a mix “mainly as a way to occupy myself, [to] get lost in beautiful music and turn my brain off.” It encompasses familiar themes—”of love, mortality, troubled times…’ya know, the light stuff,” but like Nap Eyes’ fourth lp, Snapshot of a Beginner, it achieves a powerful effect by just easing on by.

Got My Chips Cashed In (A Mixtape)

These laments to weary-eyed truck drivers, CB radio farces, and runarounds with highway patrolmen offer a shoulder to lean on as you travel the literal or proverbial road to the end of the line. Got My Chips Cashed In is a playlist that stretches from the genre’s origin to its modern counterparts, with a few stops along the way for a hot cup of coffee, some southern fried, and a slice of cherry pie. Those big old wheels keep rolling …and the hits just keep on coming.

Some for Bohannon (A Mixtape)

“Some for Bohannon,” a celebration and glance at the funky creations of Hamilton Bohannon: a drummer, song writer, and record producer who, as Ron Wynn noted, perfected a “formula of heavy, thudding bass accents and aggressive rhythms”. He passed away April 24, 2020. Rest in peace.

Sorcery in the Kingdom | A Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool Mixtape

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool—now available on Netflix after a brief theatrical run and as an American Masters feature on PBS—is a beautifully directed film by Stanley Nelson, which guides us through the different changes of Miles’ life, smoothly handling the tale of an artist who refused any complacency throughout a long and undeniably brilliant career.

The Human Race :: An AOR Mixtape

Whatever happened to the human race? This mix explores the darker sides of the much maligned “AOR” genre, typically associated with 1970’s overly-produced pop excess, while embracing it’s playful and uplifting side. From Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott’s lamenting a “Fatalistic Attitude” to the Monkees’ Michael Nesmith’s time capsule to “People A Hundred Years From Now”, from Emitt Rhodes lamentable solo swan song “Farewell To Paradise” to true FM radio classic jam Starbuck’s “Moonlight Feels Right”, here The Human Race is represented in all it’s conflicted glory.

Music From First Cow and Other Films Real or Imagined (An Echo Magic Mixtape)

Just before the lockdown, filmmaker Kelly Reichardt released First Cow, the filmmaker’s seventh feature film. A slow and mediative movie, it features sounds by AD compatriot William Tyler, who recorded the soundtrack with Scott Hirsch at Echo Magic Studio. While composing and recording, Tyler and Hirsch put together a “mood board” of sounds they referenced while working. Here, Hirsch shares that mixtape, along with his thoughts about First Cow.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Ararat Valley Jazz Orchestra – A Mixtape

Jazz-funk and big band rarities from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia from the 1970s and 1980s; tracks recorded in Yerevan, Soviet Armenia and Moscow, USSR. Armenia has been without the symbolic mountains of Ararat and Sis since the latter stages of the Armenian Genocide and during the inception of the Armenian SSR … think of these records as “the sound of Armenia on the other side of Ararat.”

Avant-Garde Got Soul Too :: An Observations of Deviance Mixtape

~spiritual jazz, free improvisation, experimental electronics, ethnographic oddities, and world-wide psychedelic funk~

And now something far out. Avant-Garde Got Soul Too is a mixtape by David Mittleman, host of Tucson’s KXCI independent radio’s Observations of Deviance, a weekly “all vinyl, free form program that harkens back to early days of underground FM radio.”

Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Gospel Jubilee Vol. 3 — A Mixtape

Another soul-cleansing vinyl set from the folks that bring you the Gospel Jubilee every Sunday on Nashville’s Acme Radio. This volume features youth choirs, radio ensembles, organ maestros, local, regional and national stars…plus in-the-red vocals, a flute solo (!), heavenly harmonies, faint-inducing falsetto, sanctifying grooves and some of the best drum sounds you will ever hear. Selected from records rare and everywhere. Because the price tag shouldn’t be the thing that moves you.