Now Podcasting :: Episode Seven

Today’s show finds the Drunkard in the company of Lester “The Roadhog” Moran and his Cadillac Cowboys. Thank you boys. Now broadcasting from the deep and dirty South, these songs are as heavy and thick […]


Filling in for the wandering Justin today will be Will from Be the Boy . Today, Will takes a break from his usual writings about robots, cartoon mascots and slip and slides to talk about salvation through music. […]

Ola Podrida

Hi Aquarium Drunkard regulars! Justin has recruited some friends to run this joint while he’s off galavanting across the country without a care in the world (bastard!). Anyway, you’ve met Dodge , and I’m Chris from Gorilla vs. Bear . […]

Pet Politics :: New Song

Pet Politics is Magnus Larsson of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has found his way onto An Aquarium Drunkard a few times in the past year, as I love his style. A “detached Lou Reed kinda thing” […]

You Don’t Love Me > Soul Serenade

If you havent heard this shit yet, step to it now. This is a twenty minute live medley of the Allman’s at their creative/live zenith combining “You Don’t Love” me with King Curtis’ “Soul Serenade.” […]

Snowglobe :: Oxytocin

Snowglobe is the third band this year from Memphis, TN that I have begun listening to (see: Lucero, Harlan T. Bobo). Prior to that, I think Big Star and Elvis were the most recent Memphis exports […]