Mojave 3 ::Puzzles Like You

I will preface this by saying (admitting) I was not expecting this album from Mojave 3 . That being said, I am very much into it. Trading in their slow-country-ish past for an upbeat and happy-go-lucky sound, […]

First Impressions of The Kamikaze

You know I was thinking, it’s funny our (often baseless) first impressions. Today I received an album in the mail, and I don’t know if I was just in a shitty mood or what, but […]

Sebadoh :: III

Look what arrived in my mailbox the other day… Sebadoh III. As I unwrapped the clear plastic, I may have wondered aloud “what goodies await a Drunkard other than the opportunity to hear a copy of this […]

Ray LaMontagne :: New Album/Tour

“One morning, I had my clock set for 4 am, and I woke up to this amazing sound coming from the clock radio. It was Stephen Stills’ ‘Tree Top Flyer.” I just sat up in bed and listened. Something about that song just hit me…I went to record stores and sought that album out. I listened to it, and I was transformed. That morning really changed everything–my whole life. ” – Ray LaMontagne on how he got into music I was fortunate enough to have a copy of LaMontagne’s debut album Trouble about a year before it found a home on a label. Recorded by Ethan […]

Link Wray 1971 :: The Black Keys 2006

Wow, now this is the good shit. One of perks of writing An Aquarium Drunkard is all the weekly reader tips/suggestions/emails we receive here at HQ. Thanks, and do keep ’em comin’. The latest example […]