Deerhunter :: Revival

It wasn’t so long ago Deerhunter was weighed down by inconsistent, nonsensical, live performances coupled with mountains of bad press that did nothing but urge critics to inspect and second guess their every move. Things […]

Sevens :: Hum/Stars

( Sevens , a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, pays tribute to the art of the individual song.) The shifting landscape of commercial music has forced the industry to reconsider how to best deliver its music […]

Fred Neil :: S/T (1967)

From the clatter of the Greenwich Village 60s folk scene came a voice that was inspired, authentic, and extraordinarily deep. Fred Neil had one of those unmistakable voices, a baritone that could rumble your brain and leave […]


Not sure how I had never seen this gem before (high five, Reid). Like a lost Jonathan Richman project from another dimension, Son Seed (?) kicks out the jams with “Jesus Is My Friend.” So […]