Bill Callahan :: Cowboy

For the track “Cowboy”, off last year’s Gold lp, Callahan tagged up with filmmakers Anthony Gasparro and Mikey Kampmann to bring the song to visual life.

Below, we flip the script as Callahan catches up with the pair to discuss their working relationship, storytelling, synchronicity, rippling kindness and the power of the tuna melt as edible nostalgia.

Bill Callahan :: The AD Interview

June 14th marked the return of Bill Callahan, via his latest record — the double lp, Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest. One of our favorite listens this year, we asked singer/songwriter Jerry David DeCicca to catch up with the artist on our behalf as they embarked a short west coast tour together. Their conversation, below …

Bill Callahan :: Apocalypse

“Once Bill was making extremely forward statements from behind a veil. Now he’s making veiled statements from a forward position. He’s fundamentally the same person, but stylistically almost everything has […]

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: Make Worry For Me

An embarrassment of riches from the Will Oldham universe of late. In addition to the ad hoc Instagram performances that began as quarantine commenced, the artist has recently been dropping a bevy of covers in collaboration with friend and labelmate, Bill Callahan. Want a taste? Their take on Steely Dan is particularly choice.

But hold up, the year isn’t over yet. This week finds Oldham once again sliding into his Superwolf suit with running partner, and guitar guru, Matt Sweeney.