Elisa Ambrogio :: The Immoralist

“You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.” Bob Dylan said that. It’s probably not true. Not forever, at least. But for the rational – let’s say for the self-contained – the […]

Thurston Moore :: The Best Day

Thurston Moore’s solo records have always been an interesting barometer to his state of mind outside of Sonic Youth. Psychic Hearts, his solo debut, was the most Sonic Youth of any of his solo albums, […]

Modern Vices :: S/T

Modern Vices describe their sound as “dirty doo-wop,” but don’t get too confused. These Chicago-based rockers — vocalist Alex Rebek, bassist Miles Kalchik, drummer Patrick Hennessey, and guitarists Peter Scoville and Thomas Peters — owe […]

Jungle Fire :: Tropicoso

Since 2011, Los Angeles based Jungle Fire have been cementing their reputation with incendiary Afro/Latin/funk performances via gigs at small local clubs to sharing festival stages with the likes of Shuggie Otis and The Budos […]