Bettye Swann :: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Best known for the 1967 bubblegum soul hit, “Make Me Yours”, Bettye Swann was born one of a family of fourteen children in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her impassioned vocals (just ever so slightly off-kilter) bring to […]

New Sounds / West Africa

“When the Europeans took blacks as slaves in the US, our ancestors brought their culture with them. They mixed their music with modern instruments, and created the blues, and that invented rock n roll, rhythm […]

FORM Arcosanti :: 2017

It’s a Sunday afternoon at the FORM festival at Arcosanati. Mother’s Day, actually. I’m watching Phil Elverum of Mt. Eerie sing the most pained songs about the mother of his daughter, his late wife, the […]

Trummors :: Headlands

Consider your cosmic country rock needs met for the summer. Trummors’   Headlands   is a gorgeous sonic road trip through the beauty, sadness and mystery of the American west (or what’s left of it), packed with sunburnt […]